Approaches to Environmental Geology

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Brown, Jr., L.F
Cannon, P. Jan
Dickerson, E.J.
Fisher, W.L.
Garner, L.E.
Groat, C.G.
Gustavson, Thomas C.
Kier, Robert S.
McGowen, J.H.
Morton, Robert A.

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


The environmental geology program of the Bureau of Economic Geology is designed to develop applicable geologic data for both immediate and long-term needs. The case studies presented in Approaches to Environmental Geology represent completed or ongoing projects conducted in different parts of a diverse State. While common basic orientation has been assumed, specific approaches have been designed in each area. A goal of this colloquium is to relate the experience of an environmental geology program conducted as an organized research effort in the public sector.


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