Evol-Shelter Sys : shelter design concept using a unique type of zip-tie, the Truss-Tie, for building post-disaster shelter




Lee, Seo Joon

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The purpose of this research project was to provide affordable shelter to victims of natural disasters: from emergency shelters used in the first days, through to transitional accommodation that provides longer-term shelter, as regions rebuild over months and years. Many other designers and architects have suggested various shelter designs. The availability and success of these shelter designs has been influenced by factors such as transportation, weight, cost and durability. These factors affect the efficacy of existing shelter designs. I concluded that under certain circumstances, a completely new approach in shelter design could offer improvement over existing designs to better meet victims’ needs immediately after the disaster and/or for the period following the emergency. These circumstances are related to the types of materials used in the specific region for the construction of buildings. I propose Evol-Shelter Sys that divides the relief effort into ‘Emergency shelter phase’, ‘T-shelter phase’, and ‘Upgrading shelter phase’ in order to offer shelter. Truss- Tie is the proposed joint device that enables the Evol-Shelter Sys because it utilizes found materials in the environment or prefabricated materials to create the shelter structure easily, rapidly, and conveniently, without needing special tools or training. Due to the portable feature of the Truss-Tie, it cannot only be simply transported, but also it can be stored on site in every jurisdiction or at home, creating the ability to cater to immediate needs within hours of a disaster and less reliance on external help. In addition, acknowledging that it takes time to rebuild after a disaster, the Evol-Shelter Sys affords victims the opportunity to create larger accommodations over time, using the same methods. Living in a larger, private and relatively stable space, that can be upgraded as necessary, makes the prospect of living in temporary accommodation during a lengthy re- building period more tolerable.



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