The Promotion of Exports from Texas, PRP 46




Weintraub, Sidney
Greenfield, Stuart

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LBJ School of Public Affairs




It has become increasingly clear in recent years that much production in Texas finds it way to markets outside the United States. As a consequence, incomes and employment in Texas depend not just on the health of the state and the national economies, but also on developments in foreign countries. Preliminary investigation, which was confirmed in the detailed analysis, showed that small and medium-sized industry participated proportionately less in the export market than did larger industry in Texas. Much of the study in the industrial area, therefore, was pinpointed to the potential for export of the smaller and medium-sized industry because this sector lacks the independent resources for research available to larger industry. The agricultural economy of Texas depends almost across the board on export markets. This study was made possible by grants from the Governor's Budget and Planning Office , to provide data and analysis in support of the Texas 2000 Project; from the Governor's Office of Regional Development, particularly to examine the export potential in Texas's neighbor to the south, Mexico; and from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation.

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