The New Deal and the Implementation of the Welfare State




Martinez, Michael

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The modern welfare state affects the lives of millions of people and plays an integral role in maintaining social standards. Rising issues like climate change, wealth inequality and accessible healthcare are often discussed through the lens of welfare, emphasizing the government’s role and responsibility. This paper explores the history and roots of welfare through an analysis of how it came to exist. In addition, through the context of the New Deal, the driving mechanisms of welfare policy are explored and discussed. This paper focuses on several aspects of welfare. First, the history of welfare is discussed to provide insight into its dynamic nature. Second, the mechanisms of welfare implementation are explored within the context of the New Deal. This is done through the analysis of three acts: The Wagner Act, the Social Security Act and the Works Progress Administration Act. Third, the effects of the New Deal on the modern welfare state are explored. And finally, the paper ends by suggesting welfare’s role regarding modern issues.



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