Microfabrication with Femtosecond Laser Processing

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Griffith, Michelle
Yang, Pin
Burns, George
Harris, Marc

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Our research investigates the special characteristics of femtosecond laser processing for microfabrication. The ultrashort pulse significantly reduces the thermal diffusion length. As a result, material is removed more efficiently with little damage to the surrounding feature volume. Currently, we are exploring the basic mechanisms that control femtosecond laser processing, to determine the process parameter space for laser processing of metals to address manufacturing requirements for feature definition, precision and reproducibility. One of the unique aspects to femtosecond radiation is the creation of localized structural changes. By scanning the focal point within a transparent material, we can create three-dimensional waveguides. This paper will describe our results to explore femtosecond laser ablation for laser processing of metals and glasses. We will discuss the effect of laser parameters on removal rate, feature size/definition, aspect ratio, material structure, and performance. Examples of component fabrication in metals and glasses will be shown.



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