Ridge And Transverse Correlation Without Long-Range Longitudinal Correlation




Chiu, C. B.
Hwa, R. C.

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A simple phenomenological relationship between the ridge distribution in Delta eta and the single-particle distribution in eta can be established from the PHOBOS data on both distributions. The implication points to the possibility that it is not necessary to have long-range longitudinal correlation to explain the data. An interpretation of the relationship is then developed, based on the recognition that longitudinal uncertainty of the initial configuration allows for non-Hubble-like expansion at early time. It is shown that the main features of the ridge structure can be explained in a model where transverse correlation stimulated by semihard partons is the principal mechanism. This work is related to the azimuthal anisotropy generated by minijets in Au-Au collisions at 0.2 TeV on the one hand and to the ridge structure seen in pp collisions at 7 TeV on the other hand.



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Charles B. Chiu and Rudolph C. Hwa. Advances in High Energy Physics, Volume 2013, Article ID 728365, 11 pages. DOI: 10.1155/2013/728365