Decwar, Version 2.3 [Tops 10 port]




Hysick, Bob
Potter, Jeff
Newman, Harris
Cousins, Merlyn

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A browser-based version of this game can be played at: Instructions for logon are as follows: 1) Hit enter a few times, 2) When greeted, type "log public". To enter the game, 1) Type "p [1,27]" and press enter, 2) Then type "run decwar" and press enter. The same procedures can be followed through a telnet client, at 2020
DECWAR 2.3 is a sophisticated real-time space battle game designed to be played by from 1 to 10 people on the DEC-10 model mainframe computer. Decwar was originally written at the University of Texas at Austin circa 1979-1980, primarily by Jeff Potter and Bob Hysick, and it originated from a game called WAR, which came from the CDC-6600/6400 system at UT-Austin, author unknown. The files represented here were ported by Merlyn Cousins from Harris Newman's Decwar 2.3 source code to a Simh/Tops 10 emulator environment. Newman's 2.3 version reflected changes made to the UT-developed Decwar, which were made so the game could be installed on a Compuserve (CIS) system, circa 1981.


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