Popping into Focus: Community Engagement for Environmental Impact and Awareness




Niyogi, Dev
Pinfold, Wilfred
Copfer, Wende
Felkner, Juliana
Roseway, Asta
Ponce, Jaime
Janzen, Shawn
Fitzmaurice, Helen
Daepp, Madeleine I. G.

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In this white paper, we develop a dedicated space (physical and virtual) for the early and ongoing incorporation of community engagement through a series of scalable pop-ups and an open data platform to complement local sensor deployments. One cannot solve wicked problems in white papers. Instead, we are proposing a prototype that will grow and change over time. By incorporating on-the-ground practice and experimentation in collaboration with local partners and governments, we hope that our solution will promote the rights of residents to shape how and where new technologies are deployed within their cities, and how the data from those technologies are used.


Grey literature from Microsoft-funded Urban Futures Summer Workshop 2020 Community Engagement Group https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/uploads/prod/2020/10/Community-Engagement.pdf

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