Internationalization at striving universities and the role of presidential leadership



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Over the past two decades, there has been heightened awareness and intensified discussions on the importance of internationalization in the academy. There are also strong calls for action from university leaders, faculty members, and industry CEOs. Equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to live and thrive in today’s globally interconnected and interdependent world has never been an ambiguity. However, there seems to be little discussion and research on the limited role of presidential leadership in comprehensive internationalization efforts at U.S. universities (Hudzik, 2015). Motivated by the ACE model for comprehensive internationalization, this study explores actionable frameworks to support campus internationalization goals. This qualitative research project utilizes a multiple case study approach to better understand the role that presidential leadership plays in comprehensive internationalization at striving universities. I argue that the rise or fall of the internationalization agenda largely depends on Presidential leadership. Presidents must lead the charge for the work of internationalization to be effective and successful at higher education institutions.


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