The history of education in Gillespie County

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Gold, Ella A.

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Almost one hundred years have passed since the first settlers came to the region now incorporated in Gillespie County. In this centennial year it is quite fitting to look back through the years--to see whence we people of the county have come and whither we are bound. Perhaps no other phase of history could be more revealing in this connection than the phase of educational development. It has been my object in the study for this thesis to gain as complete a picture of the development of schools in Gillespie County as possible and to present that picture in the following pages. I have, however, not undertaken to trace the history of county school lands and funds. In addition to being a native of Gillespie County and having spent the greater part of my life there, I have spent several years at the study of my subject. During these years I have had the pleasure of meeting most interesting people who stand out as gems in the living past and the present. I have had the privilege of examining rare books, manuscripts, and papers which have been interesting and helpful in my study.