Determination of the Optimum Joint Design for LENS Fabricated Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al4V/TiC Dual-Material Structures

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Obielodan, J.O.
Stucker, B.E.

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University of Texas at Austin


Joints between dissimilar material systems made using laser metal deposition processes have been investigated. The fusion of materials with different physical properties and chemical compositions under high laser power often results in defects at the joints. Although some solutions have been suggested in previous work for defect-free fabrications, most of the joints studied have been characterized using qualitative techniques only. Quantitative study is imperative for predicting the mechanical behavior of fabricated structures for real life applications. In this work, tensile and flexural specimens made of different Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al4V/10%TiC dual-material transition joint designs were fabricated using laser engineered net shaping (LENS) and tested. It was found that transition joint design has a significant effect on the tensile strengths of dual-material structures.


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