Summary Report for the 2005-2006 STATEMAP Project: Geologic Mapping to Support Improved Database Development and Understanding of Urban Corridors, Critical Acquifers. And Special Areas of Environmental Concern in Texas


Eleven geologic maps, 1:24,000 scale, have been constructed for Galveston and Mustang Barrier Islands and for part of the Brazos River Valley and its aquifers. The maps are intended to be used by professionals and laypersons as a source of general geologic information that relates to land and resource use and management. The geologic maps of the barrier islands include (a) Northern Mustang Island (Port Aransas quadrangle), (b) Southern Mustang Island (Crane Islands NW quadrangle), (c) Northeastern Galveston Island (Galveston quadrangle), (d) Central Galveston Island (Lake Como quadrangle), and (e) Southeastern Galveston Island (Sea Isle and San Luis Pass quadrangles). These maps display island wetland and upland geologic environments. Geologic maps of the Brazos River Valley study area include six quadrangles: Baileyville, Hammond, Maysfield, Calvert, Gause, and Hearne South. These maps and cross sections show the geologic framework of the Brazos alluvial aquifer in an area where it intersects three other Texas aquifers: the Carrizo-Wilcox, Queen City, and Sparta.


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