Durability testing of rapid, cement-based repair materials for transportation structures

Garcia, Anthony Michael
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For repairing concrete transportation infrastructure, such as pavements and bridges, much importance is placed on early-age strength gain as this has a major impact on scheduling and opening to traffic. However, the long-term performance and durability of such repair materials are often not satisfactory, thus resulting in future repairs. This research project focuses on the evaluation of the durability of various rapid-setting cementitious materials. The binders studied in this project include calcium aluminate cement (CAC), calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA), Type III portland cement, alkali-activated fly ash (AAFA) , and various prepackaged concrete materials. In addition, selected CAC and CSA mixtures were further modified with the use of a styrene-butadiene latex. The durability aspects studied include freezing-and-thawing damage and the implications of air entrainment in these systems, alkali-silica reaction, sulfate attack, and permeability of the concrete matrix and potential corrosion.