I Have No Face, The Automated Body Project (excerpts); January 8, 2002

Sharir, Yacov
Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks
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Computer generated CyberDance (I Have No Face), Excerpts (The Automated Body Project)

Concept, computer animation, choreography: Yacov Sharir. Dance Company: Sharir+Bustamante Danceworks. Videographer: Steve Canty (Automated Body Project). Set Design: Richard Isackes (Automated Body Project). EEG and EKG Sensory Devices Design: Julio Bermudez, Jim Agutter (assistant) (Automated Body Project). Computer Programming and Design: Wei Yei (Automated Body Project). Technology Design: Anita Pantin (Automated Body Project). Poet/Performer: Lisa D'Amour (Automated Body Project). Composer/Vocalist: Larisa Montanaro (Automated Body Project). Composer: Tom Lopez. Stage Manager: Jessica S. Glick (Automated Body Project). Technical Director: Madge Darlington (Automated Body Project) . Costumes: Elizabeth Flauto. Software Developers: Chris Brown, Brandon Wiley. Electrical Engineers: Michael Leibowitz, Andrew Litt. Project Documentary and Still Photography: Michelle Herrin (Automated Body Project) . Lighting: Diana Duecker (Automated Body Project).