Atlas of Northern Gulf of Mexico Gas and Oil Reservoirs - Volume 1. Miocene and Older Reservoirs, Play Analysis Procedures

dc.creatorSeni, Steven J.
dc.creatorDesselle, Bruce A.
dc.creatorTremblay, Thomas A.
dc.description.abstractThis report summarizes activities conducted during the second year of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Resource Atlas Series program. Funded by the Gas Research Institute, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service, investigations began in October 1992, with the Bureau of Economic Geology as the lead technical contractor. The objective of this program is to develop an atlas of hydrocarbon plays by integrating geologic and engineering data for oil and gas reservoirs with large-scale patterns of depositional basin fill and geologic age. The oil and gas atlas of the Gulf of Mexico will provide a critically compiled, comprehensive reference, which is needed to more efficiently develop reservoirs, to extend field limits, and to better assess the opportunities for intrafield exploration. The play atlas series will provide an organizational framework to aid development in mature areas and to extend exploration paradigms from mature areas to frontier areas deep below the shelf and into deep waters of the continental slope. In addition to serving as a model for exploration and education, the offshore atlas will aid resource assessment efforts of State, Federal, and private agencies by allowing for greater precision in the extrapolation of variables within and between plays. Classification and organization of reservoirs into plays have proved to be effective in previous atlases produced by the Bureau, including the Texas oil (Galloway and others, 1983) and gas atlases (Kosters and others, 1989), the central and eastern Gulf Coast gas atlas (Bebout and others, 1992), and the Midcontinent gas atlas (Bebout and others, 1993).
dc.description.departmentBureau of Economic Geology
dc.relation.ispartofContract Reports
dc.subjectGulf of Mexico
dc.titleAtlas of Northern Gulf of Mexico Gas and Oil Reservoirs - Volume 1. Miocene and Older Reservoirs, Play Analysis Procedures

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