5-Axis Slicing Methods for Additive Manufacturing Process

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Kapil, Sajan
Negi, Seema
Joshi, Prathamesh
Sonwane, Jitendra
Sharma, Arun
Bhagchandani, Ranjeet
Karunakaran, K.P.

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University of Texas at Austin


In metallic Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes such as Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (HLM), it is difficult to remove the support material used for realizing the overhanging/undercut features. Multi-axis kinematics can be used to eliminate the requirement of the support mechanism. In this work, two slicing methods have been proposed which utilize the benefits of multi-axis kinematics to eliminate the support mechanism. In the first method, planar slicing is used and the overhanging/undercut features are realized while keeping the growth of the component in the conventional Z-direction. In the second method, non-planar slicing is used, and the growth of the component need not necessarily be in the Z-direction; it can also be conformal to the selected feature of the component. Both these methods are explained through a case study of manufacturing an impeller by the HLM process.


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