Method for separating molecules

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Richard E. Thomas
Jonathan L. Sessler
Brent L. Iverson
Vladimir A. Kral
Kevin Shreder
Hiroyuki Furuta

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


The present invention provides various novel covalently modified sapphyrin derivatives and conjugates; polymers including sapphyrin or derivatives thereof; and chromatographic supports including sapphyrins and other expanded porphyrins and derivatives thereof. Disclosed are water soluble sapphyrins, including polyhydroxysapphyrins and sapphyrin-sugar derivatives; sapphyrin-metal chelating conjugates; sapphyrin nucleobase conjugates; oligosapphyrins and polysapphyrins, including sapphyrin dimers, trimers, oligomers and higher polymers; and polymer supported expanded porphyrin compositions, including advantageous rubyrin- and sapphyrin-based chromatography columns and electrophoretic supports. Sapphyrin oligomers and polymers and polymer supported expanded porphyrins, such as, e.g., glass and silica expanded porphyrin constructs, are disclosed which include both repeating units of sapphyrin derivatives alone and which include other units, for example, nucleobases, sapphyrin-nucleobase conjugates and long chain alkyl groups.



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