Ionized Gas Kinematics At High Resolution. IV. Star Formation And A Rotating Core In The Medusa (NGC 4194)

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Beck, Sara C.
Lacy, John
Turner, Jean
Greathouse, Thomas K.
Neff, Susan

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NGC 4194 is a post-merger starburst known as The Medusa for its striking tidal features. We present here a detailed study of the structure and kinematics of ionized gas in the central 0.65 kpc of the Medusa. The data include radio continuum maps with resolution up to 0."18 (35 pc) and a 12.8 mu m [Ne II] data cube with spectral resolution similar to 4 km s(-1): the first high-resolution, extinction-free observations of this remarkable object. The ionized gas has the kinematic signature of a core in solid-body rotation. The starburst has formed a complex of bright compact H II regions, probably excited by deeply embedded super star clusters, but none of these sources is a convincing candidate for a Galactic nucleus. The nuclei of the merger partners that created the Medusa have not yet been identified.



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Beck, Sara C., John Lacy, Jean Turner, Thomas Greathouse, and Susan Neff. "Ionized Gas Kinematics at High Resolution. IV. Star Formation and a Rotating Core in the Medusa (NGC 4194)." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 787, No. 1 (May., 2014): 85.