Adaptive reuse of car-oriented urban forms




Books, Paul Ray

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In rising urban centers there is a growing trend toward densification and infill development coinciding with a decline in urban core car-dependency, rapidly shifting the demand for structed parking. By outlining the benefits to adaptive reuse, this paper makes the argument based not only on the value proposition to a potential developer, but through a wider benefit to the community. However, this paper is realistic about the inherent challenges to the reuse of parking garages. It is clear that parking garages have and will continue to be built with low ceiling heights and ramped floors, limiting opportunities for repurposing. Due to these circumstances, the construction of future parking garages should be designed with a transformative capacity that allows for a phasing out as demand decreases. The design of the structure can be informed by a specific future use objective or have the capacity to adapt to several alternative uses.


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