Advertising to Modern American Nomads

Bass, Charles E.
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The term Nomadism has historically referred to a variety of lifestyles, however in 21st century United States, the phrase has taken new light. As a response to the traditional American dream structure a fringe group of “Modern American Nomads” has emerged, particularly amongst the millennial generation. This group skillfully utilizes the systematic and technological innovations of the modern world to conduct a distinctly evolved form of nomadism. Through careful observational and empirical research this work attempts to build psychographic and demographic profiles of this culture and the individuals that exist within it. Specifically, a series of informal interviews was conducted with five Modern American Nomads to identify their attitudes about brands and advertising. These interviews were carefully analyzed with the goal of identifying emergent themes. The outcome of the interviews and subsequent analysis was to develop a comprehensive recommendation of the most effective branding, messaging, and media strategies for advertisers to appeal to Modern American Nomads.