Praxis Vol 10, No 2: From the Editors, Special Issue on The Future of Writing Centers




Orem, Sarah
Pietsch, Jacob

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The publication of this issue of Praxis coincides with two significant anniversaries for the Undergraduate Writing Center at the University of Texas at Austin. This year, UT’s writing center celebrates its twentieth year of being open, a milestone that was commemorated by a conference on the “Future of Writing Centers” this past spring. For this issue of Praxis, we invited authors to reflect on the same theme and articulate the topics they find important to ongoing writing center work. This issue’s publication will also mark the tenth anniversary of Praxis itself. What began as an informal newsletter transformed into an online hub of writing center information and subsequently a peer-reviewed journal. These important milestones inform the work we’ve done as editors over the past months. We find ourselves looking back on what we’ve accomplished and looking forward to the future.

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