Flexible high frequency electronics and plasmonics using two dimensional nanomaterials




Nagavalli Yogeesh, Maruthi

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In this work, we have demonstrated novel flexible electronics and plasmonic devices using 2-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials (graphene and MoS2). The first part of this work is about design of flexible high frequency electronics using 2D nanomaterials. We report sub-THz graphene transistors with fT ~ 100GHz. We also discuss how to integrate graphene based sub blocks (antenna, mixer and speaker) to fabricate all graphene based wireless receiver. We report for the first time flexible RF transistors with GHz frequency response using CVD grown monolayer MoS2. We also demonstrate flexible low power RF nanosystems (amplifiers, mixers, AM receiver) using CVD MoS2. We have developed MoS2 transistor models for integrated circuit design application. RF MoS2 transistors results are very promising for low power internet of things (IOT) applications. In second part, we have shown design of novel plasmonic devices using 2D nanomaterials. We have demonstrated large area tunable graphene metasurface using moiré nanosphere lithography (MNSL). We have shown novel method to fabricate large area graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) using block copolymer lithography (BCPL) and its potential application towards tunable mid-IR plasmonic sensing. We report for the first time nanopatterning of CVD MoS2 on plasmonic substrate using bubble pen lithography (BPL). We have also shown light enhancement of monolayer CVD MoS2 using plasmonic nanoantenna array (PNA). These results are very useful for design of highly efficient 2D nanomaterial based LEDs, photodetectors, lasers and sensors.


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