Population-bracket bills in Texas : a study in local and special legislation




Benton, Wilbourn E.

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The purpose of this study is to analyze two trends which have hindered the legislative effort in Texas. One of these trends, apparent in all states, is the growth of constitutional restrictions on the Legislature. Since this development provides only background material for this study, it is not considered in detail. The other trend is the continuing increase in the work-load of the Legislature, resulting primarily from the great volume of local, special, and private legislation which it is called upon to consider. In regard to the local, special, and private bill problem in Texas, consideration is given to those bills and laws which contain one or more population figures as a basis for classification. Other types of local, special and private legislation are considered only briefly. The concluding phase of this study suggests a program for liberating the Texas Legislature from part of this work-load, in order that this body may have the opportunity to devote more of its time and effort to legislation which affects the entire state