Using Solid Freeform Fabrication to develop a low-cost Robotics experiment platform to complement classroom learning and exploring topics in STEM Education




Dwivedi, Rajeev
Shah, Parthiv
Bhupathiraju, Rohit
Dwivedi, Indira
Dwivedi, Bharat
Agarwal, Anvita
Rebbapragada, Arun Skanda
Agarwal, Ria
Singh, Nehal
Bhupathiraju, Ravi

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Educational and competitive robotics provide avenue for hands on experimentation and hence effective tools for STEM education. Cost of physical components continues to be a limiting factor. Within the Educational Robotics, the kits (LEGO, VEX, REV, etc.) are beyond the reach of most of the communities across the world. “Robotics for All” is an initiative to enable a versatile cost-effective platform to provide a minimum set of parts that students can integrate with general purpose as well as custom controller/microcomputers (Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, BBC microbit) to perform range of experiments. Various sensors and camera modules can be easily integrated to further learning and experimentation. It will be possible to perform experiments in Robot Navigation, Process planning, object manipulation, industrial architectures, Machine Learning etc. Solid Freeform Fabrication was used to enable manufacturing, verification and improve the design of piece parts with emphasis on low cost without compromise on learning opportunities.



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