Optimal jobsite staffing as a function of project sector and project characteristics

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Goldin, Daren Tal

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Jobsite management functions and organization structure play an integral role in achieving project goals of safety, quality, target budget and target schedule. Over the past several decades there has been a dramatic change in trends in the construction industry regarding the growth of project size and project complexity. In order to accommodate these changes, jobsite management staffs have had to increase in size of staff, and in the complexity of the organization structure. Varying contracting strategies are believed to influence the size and structure of the site project management team. Traditionally, project staffs have been formed based on staffing experience on previous projects, rather than systematically customizing the staffing process to respond uniquely to the conditions of the project at hand. With larger, more complex, and more expensive projects, there is more at stake, and therefore greater need for an effective jobsite organization that is appropriate for the project characteristics. This thesis will reflect the research of CII Research Team 261: “Optimizing Jobsite Organizations”, addressing the question of how to best staff and structure the organization of the jobsite team in order to effectively respond to the unique project characteristics.



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