Contributions in marine science volume 20




University of Texas Marine Science Institute

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Port Aransas Marine Laboratory, University of Texas Marine Science Institute


Table of Contents. Instructions to Authors (p. iii-iv) -- Circulation and Salinity Distribution in Coastal Louisiana Bayous / Bjorn Kjerfve (p. 1-10) -- Periodic Phenomena at the Mouth of the Mississippi River / Wm. J. Wiseman, Jr., L. D. Wright, L. J. Rouse and J. M. Coleman (p. 11-32) -- Seasonality and Physico-Chemical Ranges of Benthic Macrophytes from a North Florida Estuary (Apalachee Bay) / Michael S. Zimmerman and Robert J. Livingston (p. 33-46) -- Geographic Variations in Salt Marsh Macrophyte Production : A Review / R. E. Turner (p. 47-68) -- Stress and Community Structure of Macrobenthos in a Gulf Coast Riverine Estuary / Richard C. Harrel, Jimmy Ashcraft, Randall Howard and Larry Patterson (p. 69-82) -- Western Gulf of Mexico Records of Stenoninereis martini Wesenberg-Lund 1958 (Polychaeta, nereidae) with Contributions to its Habitat Ecology / Grady E. Williams III, Mark J. Poff and James T. McBee (p. 83-86) -- A Survey of Gammarid Amphipods of the Barataria Bay, Louisiana Region / James D. Thomas (p. 87-100) -- Calaniod Copepods of the Genus Euchirella from the Gulf of Mexico / Taisoo Park (p. 101-122) -- Tidal and Diurnal Rhythms of Locomotory Activity and Oxygen Consmpution in the Pink Shrimp, Penaeus duorarum / C. B. Subrahmanyam (p. 123-132) -- Seasonal Patterns in the Respiratory Metabolism in the Mullets Mugil cephalus and Mugil curema / Richard H. Moore (p. 133-146)