Two essays on mobile marketing




Lan, Xing (Ph. D. in marketing)

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Consumers’ dependence on mobile technology for their daily personal and business dealings has created many new business touchpoints, which in turn bring about novel opportunities for marketers to understand consumers’ behavior and identify ways in which more effective marketing strategies can be utilized. In two essays, this dissertation explores two domains in mobile marketing where new insights can be gained. In the first essay, we leverage data collected from IoT sensors and combine with scanner transaction data to construct and estimate the entire offline conversion funnel for brick-and-mortar retail stores. We uncover the multi-stage effect of the marketing mix, and demonstrate the value of IoT data in enabling customized marketing strategies. In the second essay, we examine what makes mobile marketing communications effective by studying the design elements of app push notifications. We construct a theory-based framework and separate out the treatment effects of proposed design elements using a causal inference machine learning method. Our findings provide guidance for marketing managers on design choice that improves the effectiveness of future push messages.



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