Laser Deposition Cladding On-Line Inspection Using 3-D Scanner

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Yang, Yu
Sparks, Todd
Ruan, Jianzhong
Ren, Lan
Liou, Frank

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Laser deposition directly deposits metal cladding to fabricate and repair components. In order to finish the fabrication or repair, 3-D shape of the deposition needs to be inspected, and thus it can be determined if it has sufficient cladding to fabricate a part after deposition process. In the present hybrid system in the Laser Aided Manufacturing Lab (LAMP) at the University of Missouri - Rolla, a CMM system is used to do the inspection. A CMM requires point-by-point contact, which is time consuming and difficult to plan for an irregular deposition geometry. Also, the CMM is a separate device, which requires removal of the part from the hybrid system, which can induce fixture errors. The 3-D scanner is a non-contact tool to measure the 3-D shape of laser deposition cladding which is fast and accurate. In this paper, A prototype non-contact 3-D scanner approach has been implemented to inspect the free-form and complex parts built by laser deposition. Registration of the measured model and 3-D CAD model allows the comparison between the two models. It enables us to determine if the deposition is sufficient before machining.


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