Hydrologic and Hydrogeologic Survey of Camps Barkley, Bowie, Mabry, Maxey, and Swift and Fort Wolters

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The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) is conducting hydrologic and hydrogeologic studies of Texas National Guard training facilities at Camps Barkley, Bowie, Mabry, Maxey, and Swift and Fort Wolters. These investigations, in conjunction with aquatic and biological surveys conducted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, will provide information needed by the Texas National Guard to plan training and preparedness activities such that environmental resources will be protected and enhanced without compromising national security readiness.

This report presents data and analyses collected and performed by BEG researchers from October through December 1995. The activities presented in this report include results of the (1) hydrogeologic analysis, (2) surface-water analysis, and (3) well inventory on the camps and fort. The hydrogeologic analysis includes hydrostratigraphy, aquifer properties, ground-water chemistry, water levels, preliminary conceptual flow model, and drilling plans. Surface-water analysis includes description of principal streams and drainage basins, watershed delineation, and plots of flow duration and frequency. We present some results of our drilling program in the hydrogeologic analysis. Well reports will be presented in our February interim report and well tests and analyses in the final report.

This report is divided into 6 sections with each section discussing the hydrologic and hydrogeologic assessment for an individual training facility.


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