Evaluating Effective Altruism And Its Implications On The Fight Against Malaria




Williams, Samuel

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While malaria cases and fatalities have fallen since 2000, there were still an estimated 216 million cases and 445,000 deaths worldwide in 2016 -- comprising 0.8% of global deaths. One movement calling great attention and action to the global burden of malaria, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, is effective altruism. Effective altruism is focused on prioritizing donations to causes and organizations with the greatest impact and highest cost-effectiveness. It hinges on the argument that when faced with cost-equivalent decision alternatives, we should choose those that do more good than less.

The first task is to evaluate whether effective altruism is correct in its assertions and aims. This will rely upon philosophical discussion centered on the works of a few key effective altruists, namely Peter Singer, and various objections raised against the movement. The second task will be to understand the current state of antimalarial efforts in prevention, treatment, and elimination. Last, I will apply the valuable principles of effective altruism to these efforts to determine what methods the ideal fight against malaria would utilize.


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