Revitalizing a Mature Oil Play: Strategies for Finding and Producing Unrecovered Oil in Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Reservoirs of South Texas

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Advanced reservoir characterization techniques are being applied to selected reservoirs in the Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstone (Vicksburg Fault zone) oil play of South Texas to maximize the productivity of resources in this mature oil play. This mature play has already produced nearly 1 billion barrels (Bbbl) of oil, yet still contains about 1.6 Bbbl of unrecovered mobile oil and nearly the same amount of residual oil resources. More than half of the reservoirs in this depositionally complex play have already been abandoned, and large volumes of oil may remain unproduced unless advanced characterization techniques are applied to define untapped, incompletely drained, and new pool reservoirs as suitable targets for near-term recovery methods. Primary technical objectives of this project are to develop interwell-scale geological facies models of Frio fluvial-deltaic reservoirs and combine them with engineering assessments and geophysical evaluations in order to characterize the Frio fluvial-deltaic reservoir architecture and flow unit boundaries and to determine the controls that these characteristics exert on the location and volume of unrecovered mobile and residual oil. These results will lead directly to the identification of specific opportunities to exploit these heterogeneous reservoirs for incremental recovery by recompletion and strategic infill drilling.


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