A Comparison of Iterative and Direct Methods in Compositional Ano Geopressureo-Geothermal Simulators




Ply, Janet Kay

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The use of fluid flow simulation programs has greatly increased as high speed computers have become more available. The growing complexity of these simulators arises from handling larger and more difficult problems while maintaining reliability and efficiency. (l) Accompanying more complicated models are longer execution ti mes and greater amounts of storage. The most important factors contributing to computing time and storage are the solution and representation of a larger system of equations. This system of equation is generated by approximating governing partial differential equations using finite differences . . In this study, several iterative and direct methods for solving . large systems of equations and different techniques of matrix representation were used for comparison of execution ti mes and storage requirements of three models. Two compositional simulators (2,3,4) and a geopressured geothermal simulator (S) modeling isothermal, two-dimensional, two phase flow in a porous medium were utilized for this purpose.


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