Implementation of a network-level pavement structural condition index based on falling weight deflectometer data

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Peddibhotla, Sruthi Sree Sravya

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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) uses the Pavement Management Information Systems (PMIS) to store and analyze pavement data, and to summarize information needed to support pavement-related decisions. The information on overall condition of the pavement is stored in PMIS, measured with various scores based on visual distress and ride quality surveys. However, a direct measure of the pavement structural condition is currently not in use. A network-level index that can distinguish pavements that require Preventive Maintenance (PM) from those that require Rehabilitation (Rhb) is required, because, it is not cost-effective to apply PM treatments to pavements that are structurally inadequate. The necessity to use an index to improve pavement treatment selection process, especially under financial constraints has motivated this research. The objective of this research is to validate the pavement Structural Condition Index (SCI) developed under a previous Research Project 0-4322, and to develop guidelines for implementing the SCI at the network level.



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