Optimization of Build Orientation for Minimum Thermal Distortion in DMLS Metallic Additive Manufacturing

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Peng, Hao
Ghasri-Khouzani, Morteza
Gong, Shan
Attardo, Ross
Ostiguy, Pierre
Aboud Gatrell, Bernice
Budzinski, Joseph
Tomonto, Charles
Neidig, Joel
Shankar, M. Ravi

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University of Texas at Austin


The additive manufacturing (AM) process direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) can quickly produce complex parts. However, thermal stress in DMLS may induce thermal distortion and cause build failure. This manuscript presents an optimization algorithm for the build orientation in DMLS to minimize thermal distortion. The algorithm is built on the foundation of two coupled thermal and thermo-mechanical models developed in our previous work. The DIRECT search method and a universal objective function for thermal distortion were used. Constraints were included to rule out build orientations resulting in overheating or excessive oxidation. The optimization algorithm was tested on a rectangular bar and a complex, contoured part. Both parts were printed using an EOS M290 machine, and measured by a coordinate measuring machine. In comparison to build orientations chosen by two novice operators, the optimized build orientations gave significant reduction in the thermal distortion and number of print trials before print success.


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