Insidious morality : on the connections between “good intentions”, bad faith and anti-black racism




Jackson, Auburney Shaleace

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This report is delivered in two parts and aims to accomplish two endeavors. First, is to complete an examination of the insidious underside of morality identified by Friedrich Nietzsche in relation to black studies. As such, I give a brief account of Nietzsche’s critique of morality and the virtue of pity; review the debate between black studies scholars of whether Nietzsche should be utilized for the project; and further contextualizes the weighted importance of the previous debate by reviewing context of the historical condition of Blackness as identified by black studies scholars in the school of Afro-Pessimism. I argue that Nietzsche offers an opportunity to see that activism under the guise of ‘goodness’ insidiously perpetuates harm against Black folk and that it is the speech of ‘goodness’ which renders the mechanics of this violence invisible. Secondly, I argue that a Sartrean understanding of bad faith (mauvaise foi), reveals how the liberal Ally is able to perpetuates this harm against Black folk without guilt.


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