Illegal Gold Mining in Madre de Dios: Evaluating Current and Prospective Solutions




Benavides, Arabella

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This thesis investigates public policies and action plans that would help address the growing issue of illegal gold mining in the Amazonian Madre de Dios region of Peru. Devastating environmental and public health problems affect the region as a direct result of illegal mining and the mercury-reliant gold extraction process used by miners in the region. This thesis project will employ cost-benefit analysis on potential strategies for the Peruvian government or international entities to help curtail the prevalent activity of illegal gold mining in the bio-sensitive region of Madre de Dios. The best solution(s) will be cost effective, produce high impact, be highly efficient, promote fairness, be politically acceptable, robust, and replicable so that other countries can learn from and adopt practices from Peru to combat the destructive consequences of informal and/or illegal small-scale gold mining in a practical way.


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