Executive Summary of State Data Related to Abandoned Centralized and Commercial Drilling-Fluid Disposal Sites in Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

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This 2003 Spring Semi-Annual Report provides a summary of the Final Technical Report being prepared for the Soil Remediation Requirements at Commercial and Centralized Drilling-Fluid Disposal (CCDD) Sites project, funded by the United States Department of Energy under DOE Award No. DE-AC26-99BC15225. The summary includes:

  1. Objectives of the investigation
  2. Rationale and methodology of the investigation
  3. Sources of data, assessment of data quality, and data availability
  4. Examples of well-documented centralized and commercial drilling-fluid disposal (CCDD) sites and other sites where drilling fluid was disposed of
  5. Examples of abandoned sites and measures undertaken for their assessment and remediation

Additionally, the report includes most of the figures, tables, and appendices that will be included in the final report.


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