Electron Beam Melted (EBM) Co-Cr-Mo Alloy for Orthopaedic Implant Applications

Kircher, R.S.
Christensen, A.M.
Wurth, K.W.
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University of Texas at Austin

The Electron Beam Melting (EBM) manufacturing process is emerging as an additional method for producing orthopaedic devices in several materials, including Co-Cr-Mo Alloy. This work presents the chemical, microstructural and mechanical properties of several test specimens produced by the EBM process before and after a post‐EBM Heat treatment. Comparisons are made to the properties of Co-Cr-Mo materials used within the orthopaedic implant industry processed by conventional methods such as investment casting and machining from wrought. The results of the work are promising, and demonstrate that EBM produced Co-Cr-Mo material has comparable, and in several cases superior microstructural and mechanical properties to those found in the traditionally-processed materials used today.