CareerAdvance® Implementation Study Findings Through July 2014




Smith, Tara Carter
Christensen, Kristin
King, Christopher T.

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This report examines changes in the CareerAdvance® program that directly relate to the experience and progress of participants through July 2014—the end of the fifth program year— and the recruitment of Cohort 10 in spring 2014. A key finding of the implementation study to date is that the Community Action Project of Tulsa County (CAP Tulsa) has approached the design of the CareerAdvance® program as a continuous improvement process. The program model, its pathways, and other components have all been refined over time to address participant concerns, barriers to progress, and other factors. Because of these changes, few cohorts have experienced exactly the same program. This report examines program modifications over time, documents participation and progress in CareerAdvance®, and explores factors that appear to impede or support participant progress.


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