Analysis of Mesostructure Unit Cells Comprised of Octet-truss Structures

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Johnston, Scott R.
Reed, Marques
Wang, Hongqing V.
Rosen, David W.

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A unit truss finite element analysis method allowing non-linear deformation is employed to analyze a unit cell comprised of n 3 octet-truss structures for their stiffness and displacement compared to their relative density under loading. Axial, bending, shearing, and torsion effects are included in the analysis for each strut in the octet-truss structure which is then related to the mesostructure level (unit cell). The versatility of additive manufacturing allows for the fabrication of these complex unit cell truss structures which can be used as building blocks for macro-scale geometries. The finite element calculations are compared to experimental results for samples manufactured on a Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) out of a standard resin.


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