Beach and Dune Conditions at South Padre Island, Texas - Assessment and Recommendations



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An investigation of beach and dune conditions on South Padre Island was conducted for the Town of South Padre Island specifically to address two coastal issues: dune management and beach stability. The study results were organized and presented to assist City officials in their planning and management of beaches and dunes, which are vital to the economy and storm protection of the region. The study demonstrates that beach stability and dune development vary along the island and that management strategies need to be prepared for accreting, stable, and eroding beach segments. Furthermore, the study recognizes the need to begin planning for beach replenishment projects that will be required to maintain recreational beaches along eroding segments of South Padre Island in the future.

Recommendations are made regarding the location and restoration of dunes, as well as options for beach replenishment. Additionally, it is recommended that the town initiate a beach-dune monitoring program that will provide a scientific basis for prudent management of the natural resources.


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