The Town Lake Report, Volumes I and II

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Peacock, Edward D.
Gosselink, Leila
Herrington, Chris
Turner, Martha
Gilroy, Mary
Lyday, Mike
Johns, David
Pantalion, Joseph G.

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City of Austin


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Town Lake’s importance as a natural resource is growing in tandem with Austin’s rapid population. The lake is a source of drinking water for the City, and its greenbelt and open waters are widely used for recreation and as a focal-point for public events. In 1992, under the Clean Lakes program, a comprehensive report entitled the “Town Lake Study” (COA 1992a; COA 1992b; COA 1992c) was prepared. It examined the condition of the lake (Volume I), water quality control alternatives (Volume II) and a feasibility study (Volume III). This report updates the diagnostic study, Volume I (COA 1992a), including the current status of water quality with data analyzed through the year 2000. It also includes a summary of measures taken to reduce pollution from urban runoff since 1990.


This report makes brief references to sediment and other trends seen in Waller Creek.

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