The first two years of Texas statehood, 1846-1847




Peevy, Lucien Elliot, 1903-

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A little more than a century ago, Texas voluntarily surrendered her status as an independent republic and enthusiastically entered the union of the United States. This transition from republic to statehood was a great event in the history of Texas. The ceremonies accompanying the installation of the state officers were highly dramatic. Less dramatic but of greater importance was the colorful history of the state during the next two years. The purpose of this study is to give an over-all presentation of the history of Texas during 1846-1847. The ambitious plan of this undertaking has been difficult to accomplish. To treat fully all phases of the activities of the people, even for this two-year period, would require a work of great length; therefore, this study is, of necessity, largely a survey. Discussions of the various topics have afforded numerous, opportunities to introduce pertinent details; nevertheless, condensation has been a requisite at all times. The sources for this study cover a wide range of material. Primary sources include manuscripts; United States documents, laws, treaties, etc.; Texas legislative journals, laws, and constitutions; and numerous books, pamphlets, articles, newspapers, and periodicals. The amount of secondary source material is virtually unlimited; it was necessary, therefore, to choose judiciously among the books, pamphlets, articles, periodicals, and manuscripts which are available. The contemporary Texas newspapers, depicting the history of the period in the making, were especially a rich source of information