A Validated Methodology for Predicting the Mechanical Behavior of Ultem-9085 Honeycomb Structures Manufactured by Fused Deposition Modeling

Bhate, D.
Van Soest, J.
Reeher, J.
Patel, D.
Gibson, D.
Gerbasi, J.
Finfrock, M.
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University of Texas at Austin

ULTEM-9085 has established itself as the Additive Manufacturing (AM) polymer of choice for end-use applications such as ducts, housings, brackets and shrouds. The design freedom enabled by AM processes has allowed us to build structures with complex internal lattice structures to enhance part performance. While solutions exist for designing and manufacturing cellular structures, there are no reliable ways to predict their behavior that account for both the geometric and process complexity of these structures. In this work, we first show how the use of published values of elastic modulus for ULTEM-9085 honeycomb structures in FE simulation results in 40- 60% error in the predicted elastic response. We then develop a methodology that combines experimental, analytical and numerical techniques to predict elastic response within a 5% error. We believe our methodology is extendable to other processes, materials and geometries and discuss future work in this regard.