How Are We Doing? A Corporate Strategy For Finding Out




Mueller, Susan

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How many times have you watched struggling students leave your writing center and wondered how much they got out of the conference you just had with them? It is hard to know. Even if they listened and paid attention, even if they made all of the changes you suggested and successfully revised their papers, did they really learn anything? Will their next papers be better for the time you just spent with them? Does the training you receive translate into better consultations for writers? These are evaluation questions. Evaluation is perhaps the most elusive aspect of writing center work, and there are many theories about how to do it, some too complicated and too abstract to be easily implemented. Corporate America may have a simpler way to do evaluation. Donald L. Kirkpatrick’s book, Evaluating Corporate Training Programs: The Four Levels, provides us with a simple and straightforward model to evaluate the work we do.

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