A Study of Texas Commercial Title Insurance Prices




Eaton, David
Gao, Xue

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This report evaluates estimated title insurance charges for property that cost between one and ten million dollars in Texas, versus title costs in nine other states. The $1-$10 million-dollar range of mortgage or property costs represent lower-priced commercial property, expensive homes, estate or land purchases. In the discussion below, title costs associated with purchases in the $1-$10 million range will be referred to as ‘commercial title insurance’ as a shorthand expression. The results show that property owners in Texas pay more for commercial title insurance in Texas than in comparison states. The increase rate, how the cost of commercial title insurance increases with each increase in mortgage amount, is higher in Texas than in comparison states. These differences reflect the fact that the State of Texas requires title insurers to charge at rates set by the State of Texas, which does not permit price competition among title insurers or title agents.

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