Geometry Limitations in Indirect Selective Laser Sintering of Alumina

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Sassaman, D.
Ide, M.
Beaman, J.
Seepersad, C.
Kovar, D.

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University of Texas at Austin


Ceramics containing open channels with complex geometries can be manufactured by additive manufacturing (AM) and are of great interest in clean energy technologies. However, design limitations and guidelines for manufacturing these architectures with AM have not yet been established. In this work, we compare previously proposed geometry limitations for polymer selective laser sintering (SLS) to the geometries produced using indirect SLS in alumina. We focus on a subset of model shapes that are simple to produce and measure. We show that these rules provide a starting point for the design and manufacture of ceramic geometries using indirect SLS. However, there are additional considerations for AM of ceramics by indirect SLS that further limit the geometries that can be produced.


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