Method and system for the analysis of saliva using a sensor array

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Dean P. Neikirk
Jason B. Shear
John T. McDevitt
Eric V. Anslyn
Nick J. Christodoulides

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A system for the rapid characterization of analytes in saliva. In one embodiment, a system for detecting analytes includes a light source, a sensor array, and a detector. The sensor array is formed from a supporting member, in which a plurality of cavities may be formed. A series of chemically sensitive particles, in one embodiment, are positioned within the cavities. The particles may produce a signal when a receptor, coupled to the particle, interacts with the cardiovascular risk factor analyte and the particle-analyte complex is visualized using a visualization reagent. Using pattern recognition techniques, the analytes within a multi-analyte fluid may be characterized. In an embodiment, each cavity of the plurality of cavities is designed to capture and contain a specific size particle. Flexible projections may be positioned over each of the cavities to provide retention of the particles in the cavities.



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