Groundbreakers Podcast: The Story Of Social Entrepreneurship




De Beurs, Sebastian

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Storytelling is a powerful medium for inspiring change. In both the literature and practice of social entrepreneurship, storytelling is receiving increasing attention for its ability to explain complex issues, activate emotions, and generate action. This creative thesis investigates the stories of 20 of the most outstanding social entrepreneurs around the world through an interview-based approach. The objective was to interview leading social entrepreneurs and publish their stories on a freely available online medium: GroundBreakers Podcast. The oral storytelling and original interview approach is used to preserve the authentic voices of the social entrepreneurs. Twenty episodes featuring interviews with leading social entrepreneurs present a window into the stories, business models, and community impact of these groundbreakers. The findings across 20 interviews suggest a high level of innovation in social enterprise design, a deep commitment of social entrepreneurs to their communities, and a strong potential for GroundBreakers Podcast to be deployed in educational settings to train aspiring social entrepreneurs. Beyond these findings, GroundBreakers Podcast presents a creative thesis that invites all listeners to interpret the episodes for themselves. Through direct storytelling, GroundBreakers Podcast hopes that the stories of social entrepreneurship presented not only inspire listeners, but that they motivate listeners to act and help transform their communities for the better.



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