Single-Shot Visualization Of Evolving Laser- Or Beam-Driven Plasma Wakefield Accelerators




Li, Z. Y.
Zgadzaj, R.
Wang, X. M.
Chang, Y. Y.
Downer, M. C.

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We introduce Frequency-Domain Tomography (FDT) for visualizing sub-ps evolution of light-speed refractive index structures in a single shot. As a prototype demonstration, we produce single-shot tomographic movies of self-focusing, filamenting laser pulses propagating in a transparent Kerr medium. We then discuss how to adapt FDT to visualize evolving laser-or beam-driven plasma wakefields of current interest to the advanced accelerator community. For short (L similar to 1 cm), dense (n(e) similar to 10(19) cm(-3)) plasmas, the key challenge is broadening probe bandwidth sufficiently to resolve plasma-wavelength-size structures. For long (L similar to 10 to 100 cm), tenuous (n(e) similar to 10(17) cm(-3)) plasmas, probe diffraction from the evolving wake becomes the key challenge. We propose and analyze solutions to these challenges.



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Zhengyan Li, Rafal Zgadzaj, Xiaoming Wang, Yen-Yu Chang, and Michael C. Downer. AIP Conference Proceedings 1507, 160 (Jun., 2012); doi: 10.1063/1.4773689